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Mindfulness & Self-Paced Coaching Programs

Coaching is a partnership. In this relationship, we will work together but you will have some prep work to start with.

I will provide space and structure for the reflection that is necessary for learning and growth.  A coach listens and acts as a non-judgmental, non-biased sounding board for identifying true desires, strengths, and goals. A coach also helps to develop these areas using tools that have proven success. 

My self-paced programs will help you uncover and discover your deep desires, that which is hidden,

unconsciously known but not accessed. Doing the work is like shining light into the corners of your attic. You will do the work at your pace and when you're ready we will meet and discuss what you've accomplished. I will provide feedback that supports your continued success. This will allow you to move forward with confidence and action that's right for you.

New (self-paced) programs are available soon. 

Stay connected so you'll know when programs are available.


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