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Health & Wellness Coaching

A little more about me.

My Background

I’m a registered nurse, certified holistic nurse, and certified nurse coach.

 Certified energy worker and sound therapy practitioner.

Why is this important?  Because anything involving nursing is highly regulated and requires training, testing, continued education, and commitment.

I am committed to guiding you as you do the work of self-exploration. I will provide the tools and support as you learn about yourself on a deeper level. I believe when we know ourselves at a deeper level, we can truly enjoy our life.


My Past

I overcame a difficult childhood and adolescence.

I was raised by a single parent who struggled with depression and a lack of resources to thrive and, I was exposed to complex trauma at a young age.

Why is this important? Because, the impact of unresolved trauma has many negative effects on our lives like experiencing anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness, a distorted self-image, and limiting beliefs. I overcame many challenges, but I couldn’t fully thrive until I began to clear my energy field (my CNS) of these experiences, and patterns known and unknown that developed from the trauma. I did have a bit of an advantage as a higher force has ALWAYS guided me. My spirit guides were there at an early age. I didn’t always realize their presence but soon enough, I couldn’t ignore the signs. It was as if there was a protective shield around me for many years.


My Mission

My mission is to assist you in discovering ways to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. Maybe you’ve experienced trauma (trauma comes in many forms), or want to make major life changes, or maybe you’re just curious about parts of yourself unexplored. My training, experience, and proven tools are a great way to start the process and assist you in becoming aware of hidden obstacles and creating space for personal growth. Taking these steps will clear the path so that you can recognize and clear flawed thinking and behavior. This self-care and self-work resets your system and opens your heart and mind to receive information from your guides and light sources. This prepares you to fully thrive and make the most of this one precious life. I’m committed to providing honest feedback and support for your journey of discovery.

Why is this important? Living in awareness can prevent a feeling of wasted years, draining relationships, and a lack of resources while creating space for the work of healing to take place.

So, what are you waiting for? Life is short and moving fast, you deserve to thrive every day as the best version of yourself. I have many resources to share. So, Let’s begin this journey with an open mind allowing you to choose which doorway feels best for you. Discovery awaits……..

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