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What are Complementary & Alternative Medicine or Therapies (CAMs)?

CAMs are therapies that can be used alongside your conventional medical treatment.

Some other terms you may see are Integrated Healthcare or Integrated Medicine these are (conventional medicine and CAMs used together).

Some well-known hospitals use these therapies. Just to name a few:

Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, VA Clinic, Yale and Duke.

Reiki & Healing Touch


Guided Imagery

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Historically, the Holistic Nursing Association has been instrumental in helping these therapies gain significance. There's actually a Nursing Diagnosis and Medical Code for Energy Medicine-Therapy, but currently insurance companies in the USA do not recognize them as part of their covered Integrative Medicine offerings. Therefore, services are now an out-of-pocket expense yet, one you cannot afford to do without.

CAMs do not replace medical care.

CAMs are evidenced based options that improve outcomes!

This is why medical centers around the world use them and confirm better statistics on patient outcomes (pre/post surgeries), shorter hospital stays, better pain management with less use of narcotics, and many more positive results are documented.

Pain and some disease often have emotional and energetic roots. We hold emotions and unresolved traumas in our bodies, and they can manifest into physical and emotional ailments. True healing can be affected by addressing deeper sources of physical and emotional problems. CAMs work on conscious, sub-conscious, physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels creating authentic wellness despite outcomes.

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